Travel Experience to Mexico with a client (Part I)

romantic dinner with client

On this post I want to write about my past experience traveling to Mexico with one of my clients as his companion to a vacation trip there. I usually not offer this kind of service specially to a really far country like Mexico, because as you know I live in Shanghai but, this is the client I spoke on one of my previous posts the one I connected with so, I wanted to give him a chance to impress me like he has done on previous dates we had together.

He is a business man on the city of Shanghai and he is an always very busy and I know because almost every time we have seen each other he always gets calls and is not because he is rude or nothing like is just his knowledge is constant required on his business and personally I love it.

Like a month ago we meet like we always do, on a Saturday lunch and spend all day together. So, I prepare myself and get my self doll up, because I know he is a client but, is one of my favorites one because he is so easy to talk with but, mostly because we clicked on our first date and that is a very unusual thing to happen as a gfe escort so, I show him my appreciation to him by looking my best for him. Anyways like I was saying I went to meet him and he was waiting already for me on the restaurant, (one of the things I love about him he is always punctual) and he seems more happy than usual, like he had a surprise for me. So, once I sit and we order the food, I ask him “what is in your mind?” and he tells me he has a big surprise and for me to get ready. So, I beg him to tell me and suddenly he says to me that he is traveling to Mexico for a week vacation and he wants me to come with him. I was like “What?” so, caught on surprise but, actually I loved the idea because I need it a vacation too. I was to busy working that I also need a break, usually I would think about it a lot before doing a trip with a client but, with him is different, because I trust him. He also told me we are leaving next Friday so to get prepare to have some fun.

Friday finally arrived and we are on the airport, ready to go to Mexico and have some fun. I will tell you more of my trip on the next post. Thanks for following.


Three common mistakes when hiring an escort (Part III)

bad date with an escort


Third error: Thinking that she will not have fun.

“… You can do vibrate with pleasure your escort and for this you just have to believe it’s possible.”

Although you think that you are not a Brad Pitt or a Tom Cruise, I can assure you can make her vibrate of pleasure but, for this to happen you have to believe it and your escort will be pleased. If during intimacy you think “she is a good actress,” or “she is faking it” probably you will interact with her differently, perhaps somehow very distant, skeptical and surely you both will have less fun.

But if you allow yourself to think that an escort can perfectly enjoy with you and think something like “I know she is having fun” “If she groans is because she really is enjoying it” and you will interact with her differently, closer. And so, this way you will do her and yourself favor, the climax would be better and in this situation you will a greater complicity from her and enjoy much more of an intimate encounter. But, also just keep one thing in mind which is important to any lady or escort if you are a gentleman who takes good care of his hygiene, body odor and you are polite person you can easily make this happen with any escort.

These little tips will help you making the date with your escort wonderful time. If you missed the first and second error, click here for the first one and click here for the second one, respectively. And if you like my posts do not hesitate to subscribe !.

Sweet Kisses,

Ony (Escort GFE)

Three common mistakes when hiring an escort (Part II)

lunch date with an escort going bad

Second error: Not knowing what you expect from your appointment and your escort.

“The reality is created twice: first in the mind and then in the real world.”

The professionals are here to make you enjoy, some are really intuitive and experience we are becoming easier to know what a man earnestly want to happen between sheets.

However, if you are unsure what you expect from your date with an escort is less likely to be satisfied. Although she is very involved in the appointment, will not always be easy to guess what your favorite positions are, spicy phrases, the intensity of caresses, etc. that make you lose your head and soar to heaven.

The reality is created twice: first in the mind and then in the real world. If you have a clear idea of ​​what you would see, hear and feel with your escort and would kindly communicate is more likely to enjoy a wonderful and unforgettable encounter with her. She will surely be happy to attend your suggestions.

dinner date with an escort going bad for both

This is not an exhaustive writing script before going on stage that leaves no room for spontaneity, but give your escort small suggestions to better meet your needs and expectations and can meet them.

If you missed the first most frequent error, click here. The third and final error will be reveal in the next post and guess what? this one I’ve seen it happen thousands of occasions, so follow up and I will teach you how to avoid it.

Three common to hire an escort errors (Part I)

error when trusting a review for hiring an escort

“Always Allow me to be your own intuition that tells you how best escort for you.”

Having a wonderful date with an escort is not always an easy task, because there so many options to choose and possibilities that is easy to make a mistake. If you mess up, you will have lost not only money but also your valuable time. This is a first post of the three in which I am going to tip you about the three major mistakes that you should avoid when you hire an escort so, you can enjoy wonderful moments with with her give it a try.

First Error: trusting a published review.

Reviews can be both positive and negative experiences that can help us to know the views of customers who have been with a particular escort. However, behind a nick and paragraphs that accompany not know exactly what is behind. This can be a purchased opinion, someone with intent to harm or just herself. For example there lots of escorts that moderators of forums reach them to offer them to write positive in return of free services with the escort.

Is not that there no true opinions. Sure, there are wonderful escorts whose clients have reported their satisfaction with them and the service they provide! But always beware, it is fine to read reviews, but compare them as a whole and always beware what your instincts tell you to choose the best escort for you.

I will speak of the second mistake to avoid in the next post 😉

Connecting with a client, one of those wonderful moments as a GFE escort

connecting with a client in a romantic dinner

When you are a GFE escort you live a very exciting life since you meet lots of interesting people sometimes even more than once a day. Obviously every girl loves to meet interesting men but, for me there is nothing that amazes me more than connecting with a client, since is not something that not happens too often because as an escort I am the one who needs to try to connect with the client for him to feel special and have a good experience, is a very important part of the job for any GFE escort.

connecting with a client in a romantic dinner and talking


So, I am going to tell you a great experience I have with one of my clients last week, here it goes:

He requested my services to dinner on a Friday night at one of my most favorite restaurant, when he saw me he was such a gentleman first he got up to greet me, then he took my coat off, but most important he push my chair in, personally there is nothing that can impress me more on a man than been a gentleman.

Then we start talking and he was so lovely with me, it was one of those rare moments as GFE escort where I was comfortable talking about my lifestyle in all aspects. He start asking about my dreams, about my passions, but, what really made me connect with him was when he started telling me about his past relationship, because I had a same experience with an old relationship. How he suffer, how that affect him and how he was able to move on from it. After talking about old loves we start talking more accompanied by a delicious wine. We laugh some more, we share some more. As I told one of his greatest passions suddenly the world ceased to exist for me … It was almost as if the place we met just him and me, our sips of wine, laughter and glasses.

connecting with a client drinking wine together


connecting with a client drinking wine together

He knew one of the secrets of happiness: do what you love and do it often. He loved to travel and while I counted every one of his exciting adventures in various corners of the planet I felt like every cell in my body wanted to see, hear and feel many places as he had done.

This is the result of a true connection: when someone describes you an experience with a particular emotion and immediately your body responds as if they also felt.

Having dessert and our last glass of wine, we went to his hotel. Without going into detail I can only say I was lucky. Lucky because he had opened my privacy and I felt comfortable walking in each of its corners. Fortunate to enjoy both and over, be paid.

One of his last words to me when he said good bye was: “I give you a ten” as I looked into his eyes, smiled and grabbed my arms, after which I was greatly pleased to have further evidence that he had so last wonderfully like me and so did I.


How To Seduce A Man That You Want as a Client

woman seducing and attracting man

One of most important things that most women want to know is to learn and know how to seduce a man? Specially if you are in the escorting business knowing how to seduce a man and maintaining his interest turn on is key on this business if you want to make money. But, this matter is not only important because the money is very important because as a GFE escort it helps me choosing the clients I want to spend my companion time, which is one of the most important things on this business to be successful.

Even if you are not an escort this can be use for any women that want to seduce the man she wants and that girls is a MUST for any woman. I have lot of friends and know many women that have big issues with seducing a man even there not on this business they feel lot of shame, or they are too shy but, I think that one of the biggest issues is that they don not understand male psychology, which is gold knowledge to any GFE escort or women.

A big proportion of women don’t get that mean are from Mars and women from Venus, in other words we are different. Men have their own desires, and women also have them. If you really want to attract a man and stay with it as you want, there is one important thing you must understand. And that is the male psychology.

woman companion kissing and seducing his client


Knowing how to seduce and attract a man is based on male psychology to understand and know what you really want. Without knowing what they want or like process their thoughts, you will not be able to offer what we really want.

Here are some things that men think are attractive in a woman. If you can prove that you have these features, you’ll be able to attract any man you want. You’ll be able to get their attention at all times and make them stay with you forever, if that’s what you want.

escort girl seducing man client


Here are the secrets to attract and seduce the man you want …

Independence: Independence is one of the things that men look for in a woman long term. A true independent woman who lives her own life is always more interesting than a woman who depends all the time her man. You have to have your own life. This is extremely essential. An independent woman is always a challenge for a man. And men love a good challenge. Men always look for what they can not have. If you’re independent and difficult to conquer, then you will be unattainable. The man you want to do anything to chase and invest much time and energy and a potential long-term relationship. The more energy invested in the relationship they have, it will become more addicted to you. And therefore it is very hard to let you go.

Been Interesting: Everyone loves an interesting person. If you want to conquer your heart forever, you should prove an interesting woman from the beginning. This you can demonstrate how you flirt, you dress and act around your man. Not enough to be like other women. If you act like one, you aparentarás be more. An interesting personality naturally grow on you when you stop blaming yourself. Start adore yourself more than usual, begins to lend more attention. Take care of yourself and your needs. Offer yourself over yourself, and thus have more to offer others. That is the key to having high self-esteem. Looking for something you can make it interesting. You could have a passion or hobby which you can devote all love. Talk about your hobbies and your hobbies, devote yourself to them with passion and this will make you much more interesting and desirable under the eyes of any man. It is interesting to your conversations. Talk about different things instead of talking about the same as weather or news. Talk about new things and new places. Talk about your passions, your dreams, aspirations, your beliefs, etc. These things help them to know more about each other on a deeper level and make them feel an emotional connection. If you need some help learning interesting topics to break the ice try reading magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue or People and for more spice up topics try magazines like Playboy.

Make Him Feel Special: Every one of the men in this plant have a desire: Special Feeling. They are immediately attracted to people that feel well. That feeling of being special is a wish that every human being craves. And it is more pronounced in men. The thing is that they do not admit it openly. If you really want to be deeply in love with you, you must do so consistently feel special. How to seduce a man is this simple secret. You can do this by making compliments and feel good. When you say it’s not good enough to achieve something, tell him that you know what you can do excellently. Tell clearly that is not how you think. Tell him you think he can be great at anything he wants to highlight. This will give you a sense of importance and reflect on their self-esteem. That would be you, and you will fall in love madly.

This 3 golden rules are key for any GFE escort since will help you choosing the man or client you want at any time and your purse will appreciate it. But, if you want some more tips, I am putting two videos bellow that also help me a lot… Enjoy !!!


5 benefits you will enjoy when hiring the services of a GFE Escort

benefits when you hire a gfe escortOne of the main things I always wanted to write about and push me to open my own blog is a question I get from lots of clients that are not sure of contracting my services and that question is What benefit I will get when hiring a GFE Escort?

I been thinking to this question a long time and with the experience I had on this business I have come with 5 of them.


1) Ego boost up

One of the main benefits that every client will get when hiring a GFE Escort is that when they have the company and attention of a beautiful lady as me is that their ego boost up for sure,does not matter what car they have or how handsome they are they just need to be credit worthy and educated person and with one call will have the perfect gorgeous girlfriend ready for any event from a business meeting or dinner or anything at all or having the most passioned lover for an unforgettable night, or have both in the same woman, why not? 😉

2) Helping

Some of us we pay our studies or help our families or build their own business or pay their debts (myself included in most of this cases) and thanks for the money you pay for our services it helps us to get a better life and move forward with our life’s.

3) You Play Safe

When a gentleman has a date they invest time, money and energy without ever knowing if this date will end up under the covers, with a professional GFE Escort you know that sex is always on the table and the good one and will she will be the most discrete possible to protect your privacy.

4) Salts Routine

The intimacy with a GFE Escort is not always the same we love fun and diversity so we make sure the client always have fun with us. We are also open to hear your fantasies to make them true so you always want to repeat.

5) Connecting

This is I think one of the most important of all benefits because is not a normal thing to connect with someone and a GFE Escort makes sure that she connects with the client to build a fast trust and the client can really feel free and be himself. Also connecting with someone is always something no one forgets easily.